Thursday, November 26, 2020
Dictionary Attack

DOWNAD Malware using Dictionary Attack to Control the Servers & Remotely Execute Code

A Banking Trojan called DOWNAD has been discovered after 9 years that is capable of remotely inject malicious code into a server and also performing Dictionary Attack which is Considering as one of world's most prevalent malware. DOWNAD Malware family...

TeamViewer Fixed Critical Vulnerability that allows Clients to take Full Control of PC

TeamViewer is a well know software for desktop support and remote control over the Internet; it suffers a critical vulnerability which allows clients to take control over the computer remotely without any permission. The bug impacted TeamViewer versions with Windows,...
Facebook Vulnerability

Facebook Image Removal Vulnerability allows Users to Delete any Photos

Facebook recently introduced a poll feature which allows users to make votable questions as the status on both Android and iOS apps. Security researcher Pouya Darabi found a vulnerability that allows anyone to delete any photo from the Facebook platform. Facebook...
Denial of Service

Linux Distributions Suffering with Denial of Service by systemd Vulnerability

A Linux Suffering from systemd(System and Service Manager) vulnerability that leads to performing a Denial of Service in many Linux based Distributions. Attacker Sending a DNS query to a DNS server by having a Vulnerable system eventually this vulnerability will exploit...
Windows Local Privilege

Anti Virus Software’s Design Flaw Leads to Bypass Windows Local Privilege

A new Antivirus design flaw has discovered and named as AVGater for the Windows Local Privilege Escalation Vulnerability which is presented in many antiviruses that can be abused and bypassed using restore from quarantine Method. Quarantine is a special storage suspicious...