Saturday, September 19, 2020
Locky Ransomware

Everything you Need to Know About The Evolution of Locky Ransomware

The onset of Locky Ransomware campaign was thought to be evolutionary, but around the clock the campaign has grown to be revolutionary. We had been monitoring and sharing Locky campaign updates since last month till date. It was observed that almost...

New Variant of Scarab Ransomware Distributed via RDP on Systems and Servers

Security researchers from Malwarebytes detected Scarab ransomware variant distributed through RDP and used AES algorithm for encryption. The Scarabey variant is written in Delphi and it is identical to Scarab version the only change is the addresses of code...

Innovative Android Ransomware “DoubleLocker” Encrypts data and changes the Device PIN

Security researchers from ESET spotted a new Android ransomware DoubleLocker which encrypts all the files on your device and also it changes the device PIN and set to random value. It is the first ever ransomware that misusing Android accessibility...