Thursday, August 13, 2020
Ransomware Checklist

Ransomware Attack Response and Mitigation Checklist

Ransomware is one of the fast Growing threat in the worldwide and its considered as a leader of Global cyber attack in recent days which cause some dangerous issues and loss in many organizations and individuals. Here is the Ransomware...
Monero cryptocurrency

A Group Behind the VenusLocker Ransomware Switch into Secretly Mining Monero Cryptocurrency

A new malware attack distributing to mine Monero cryptocurrency by the group Behind the VenusLocker Ransomware. VenusLocker Ransomware discovered in mid of this year which encrypts user files, renames them and changes their extensions to .Venusf or .Venusp. The virus...
Spider Ransomware

Beware!! New Spider Ransomware Widely Spreading by using Office Documents

A Newly discovered Spider Ransomware widely spreading around the world which delivery through decoy Office documents that usually spreading via the malspam campaign. This Spider Ransomware using Email is a medium to spreading across to the victims machine and an email attachment...
qkG Filecoder

qkG Filecoder Ransmowmare Rapidly Spreading with Self-Replicating and Document-Encrypting Capabilities

A new File Encoder Ransomware discovered with new stealthy capabilities that have implemented in VBA macros called qkG Filecoder that are entirely related to blank Word documents  Based. qkG Filecoder is the First Ransomware that capable of self Self-Replicating capabilities from...
Scarab Ransomware

Necurs Spam Botnet Back in Business Spreading Scarab Ransomware

Necurs bot well known for biggest single malware spam campaigns contains nearly 5 million infected bots, of which one million active each day. In the past, it is responsible for spreading various ransomware like JAFF Ransomware, banking trojan Trickbot now...