JsRat is python based script developed to backdoor victim machine using JavaScript payloads and the HTTP protocol for communication between the server and the target hosts.

Here I have used Kali Linux(Attacker Machine) and Victim Machine (Windows 10)

Installation & Setup :-

  • Download the JSRAT tool Here

  • Download and give appropriate permission to execute the script.Above figure shows the complete installation

Starting the web server:

  • Run and execute the command: python -i <kali Linux or Attacker Ip> -p 8080


  • JSRAT provides the list of URLs.Copy the Client command here it is


  • Open this Client command URL with Victim browser

  • To gain the shell payload generated by URL should be opened with CMD.

  • Once the command is executed a shell will be obtained.


  • Here we go !!! We have connected with Victim machine

  • Let us try some windows command: Ipconfig

  • Above Figure shows executing the command calc opens up the windows calculator.JSRat can also provide upload, Read and Download files.Happy Hacking !!!

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