Security Incident and Event management

Security Incident and Event management

SIEM implement to monitoring the Security Events from Endpoints, Intrusion detection system, VPN’s, firewalls and more.

Focusing on detecting the network activities and prevent all the 7 layers in the network.

A user, asset-based identity and access management control and  Monitoring based prevention

Manually monitoring the logs and network flow data and detecting the malicious Activities from the customer’s network.

Storing the activities in a Raw form and analyze it to distinguish the false positive and real threats

Advance persistent threat prevention

APT prevention focusing on depth in all application traffic to isolate the critical threats.

Unique protection based on the command-and-control, payload, anti-malware.

Minimize the attack vector using strong security controls by isolating the  infection vectors

Automated advance threat prevention that defending against exploits, malware, malicious URLs and C&C Servers.

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