Monday, September 21, 2020

Tag: Backdoor

lenovo backdoor

Lenovo Discovered a Backdoor in Network Switches Which Allows Attacker Could Perform DDOS

Lenovo discovered a backdoor in network switches that powered by Enterprise Network Operating System firmware during the security audit by Lenovo in the Telnet...

JSRAT – Secret Command and Control Channel Backdoor to Control Victims Machine Using JavaScript

JsRat is python based script developed to backdoor victim machine using JavaScript payloads and the HTTP protocol for communication between the server and the target...

OnePlus Phones comes with Pre-installed Backdoor that Provides Root Access to the Device

OnePlus users under risk again, it comes with the preinstalled backdoor that provides root access to the affected devices.Factory installed app named EngineerMode acts...
Daserf Backdoor

A New Hacking Group Spreading Sophisticated “Daserf” Backdoor using Steganography

A new Cyber cyberespionage group called REDBALDKNIGHT Spreading advance Daserf Backdoor against Japanese based government agencies such as biotechnology, electronics manufacturing, and industrial chemistry...

Malicious Payload Evasion Techniques with Advanced Exploitation Frameworks

Sophisticated threats are Evolving with much more advanced capabilities and give more pain for analysis even evade the advanced security software such Antivirus. This comparison is made...