Monday, January 25, 2021

Tag: IoT

Proxy Server

Mirai Based Botnet “OMG” Turns IoT Device into a Proxy Server

A new Variant called "OMG" currently evolving to abuse the IoT Devices and turns it into a Proxy server by adding new techniques that...
IoT Backdoor

DoubleDoor – An IoT Botnet Bypasses Firewall Using Backdoor Exploits

IoT Backdoor exploits called Doubledoor have been discovered which allows bypassing an IoT layered security that leads to taking complete control of the targeting...
IoT Cyber Attacks

Globally Gas Stations are Extremely Vulnerable to Internet of Things (“IoT”) Cyber Attacks

2018 begins with the rise of the Internet of Things (" IoT ") which is based on the existence of an interconnection of all...

Most Important Consideration for Industrial Control System(ICS) Cyber Defense

It is Extremely challenging task to identify and successfully deploy an absolutely innovative and never-seen-before defense solution for Industrial Control System (ICS). When searching for...

Critical BlueBorne Vulnerability Impacts Around 20 Million Google Home and Amazon Echo Devices

Bluetooth is the leading and most widespread protocol for short-range communications.It is the backbone of short-range connectivity in the vast majority of devices in...