Monday, September 21, 2020

Tag: Malware

Gas Station malware

Hackers Infected Gas Stations with Malware to steal fuel from the Customers

Russian Authorities uncovered stealthy malware installed on dozens of gas stations that let customers into paying more than the Fuel pumped into their car...

Self-Destructive KillDisk Malware Overwrites then Deletes files and Force a Reboot

A new variant of disk-wiping KillDisk malware affecting Windows machine attempts to overwrite and deletes files. Security researchers from TrendMicro detected it as TROJ_KILLDISK.IUB. The...
Malicious Chrome Extensions

Four Malicious Chrome Extensions Impacted More than Half a Million Users

Security researchers from Cybersecurity firm ICEBRG detected four malicious chrome extensions that impacted more than half a million people. The initial investigation started after they...
Fruitfly macOS Malware

A Man Used Fruitfly macOS Malware over 13 Years For Spying Thousand of Computers

A Cyber Crime case charged again a man who belongs to Ohio for using critical macOS malware called Fruitfly to spying thousands of computers...
hacker group

New Malware Campaign Trick Victims as an Adobe Flash Player Installers

Security researchers from ESET identified the sophisticated hacker group Turla added new malware to its arsenal. It attempts victims to install the backdoor via...